Commissions come from clients wanting an original painting, often of one of their favourite places. My objective is to recreate your special place on canvas giving you a sense of time and place evoking memories and thoughts of beautiful vistas or half forgotten holidays remembered once more.
Below are a few things for you to consider.
Materials used and size of finished work (I generally paint in oil on canvas)
Do you want it framed?
Subject matter (from your photogragh or painted en plein air)
Style (If you like my regular style of painting, that is what you will get)
When will it be completed? (oil paintings take a few weeks as the layers have to dry before the next one is added)
How will it be delivered?
How and when will it be paid for? ( I charge a 25% deposit at the start of our agreement)

During the process of a commission I am frequently in touch with my client, sending updates so you are fully involved with my progress. If you have something in mind, call me 01884 821848

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